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Polarion Searchlight


 Face Recognition System

  • GTFR-5000

    GTFR-5000 Management program enables to manage time and attendance

    Ufacekey, a face recognition system made with Korean technology,
    is an state-of-the-art face recognition system that authenticates just by looking into the camera.
    Standing in front of the product, the face data is read by the infrared camera and compared with the face information stored in the inside.
    When it is an exact match, it is delivered to the access control device.
    Once authentication is finished, the robot unlocks the door lock and allows your entrance In addition, the infrared camera makes the color image of the visitor appear on the screen and is used for log recording.
    Face recognition products can be interlocked with security companies and can be used as standalone without interlocking


    The first exposed type face recognition terminal in Korea capable of access control remotely through a call function enabling direct link with a smart phone

    It is a face recognition security robot attached to a wall for installation. This version is designed for use not only at home but also in the enterprise, and one user can receive access and call alert messages from multiple terminals. This version is so easy to install that it can be attached even to glass wall.